While your fence is there to protect you and your Georgia property, you must also protect your fence. Ignoring your fence’s upkeep can greatly reduce its useful life by many years, costing you unnecessary money to replace it. It’s easy to protect your fence investment with a few simple pointers we’ve outlined here.


Deterring Large Wildlife from Your Fence

There is plenty of large wildlife in Georgia that can damage a fence. Bears, coyotes, raccoons, deer, wild hogs, and more populate many areas of Georgia, and with them comes the possibility of a surprise visit. Nobody knows exactly what to do when a bear strolls into their neighborhood. Having a good strong fence certainly doesn’t hurt!


People who have fenced their Savannah area yards can expect greater security from large wildlife, but the aftermath of a cranky bear could mean broken planks or unsightly scratch marks all over the panels of your fence. A good way to avoid this is to apply some form of animal repellent to the fence. This can be anything from industrial strength chemical repellents to spraying your fence with white vinegar. Animals that find your fence repulsive aren’t going to make a scratching post out of it. This applies to the more common smaller nuisances, such as raccoons, as well!


Protect from Georgia’s Winds and Weather

Our customers in Savannah, Georgia love our aluminum fences because they are durable. Aluminum is an incredibly durable fencing material that we provide. Our fences can hold up against the worst wind and weather conditions while taking almost no wear and tear or becoming damaged. That is exactly what makes aluminum fencing ideal for your pool or home.


Storms can be wild and unpredictable. Have you noticed how hard it rains in Savannah and the surrounding area? Sometimes the storms come up on us quickly. This element of uncertainty makes for a difficult time preparing for every situation as it comes up, but there are things that can be done to bolster your fence year-round and on a day-to-day basis.


Heavy winds have been known to knock some fences over, or even uproot them from the ground. To prevent this, have a foundation of cement poured with the base of the planks. Dirt makes for a good stabilizing element, while cement makes for a great one.


You can also place bricks of some heavy material behind the fence to serve as a brace against the heavy winds. Moisture-resistant paints and primers can help prevent rainfall from turning into rot. Possibly one of the most important things to remember is to prune the trees around your fence, as harsh weather conditions can cause a tree limb to fall, smashing into your fence.


Simple Routine Cleanings Are A Good Idea

While some forms of fencing are practically maintenance free, like aluminum and vinyl fencing, it is still a great idea to hose your fence once or twice a year to prevent dirt buildup. Wood fencing needs more upkeep, like regular inspections for damage, resealing or repainting every few years and is much more susceptible to rot and breakage.


No matter what, keeping an eye on the condition of your fence and making any cleanups or repairs as they are needed will lengthen the lifespan of your fence, saving you money and giving you the good-looking border you wanted.

Choosing A Great Fence in The First Place

Choosing a high-quality fence is, of course, the first thing you should do! Saving a few dollars up front with a cheaper, low-bid fence is rarely worth it in the long run. That is why we install some of the highest-quality fencing you can buy while still being as affordable as possible. Talk to one of our fencing experts to see how you can avoid costly mistakes, and what fences are the best options for your space.


Protect your wallet while you also protect your fence!


Talk to the Pros For Everything “Fence” You Need!

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