People spend a lot of time outdoors in Savannah GA, so your new fence will get plenty of attention. Before you choose, explore a variety of beautiful vinyl fencing styles and see which one fits you best!


What’s Great About Vinyl Fencing in GA

If you’re looking to install an attractive, low maintenance fence, you should strongly consider vinyl fencing. While it may cost a bit more at the onset than other types, such as wooden fencing, vinyl comes in a wider range of styles and it’s made to withstand the elements far better than other types of fences.

Georgia Vinyl Fencing Is Low Maintenance

Of all of the different kinds of fencing materials across the Savannah region, vinyl is the easiest to clean and it lasts a very long time. Of course, not all vinyl fencing is created equally, but industry leaders like ActiveYards use proprietary fencing features that make their vinyl fences the strongest and most versatile on the market. Their innovative design forgoes the need for metal screws and hardware. 


With quality vinyl fences in Georgia, the long life expectancy means you will never need to replace it or even make repairs. No painting needed! Vinyl is manufactured in a lot of different colors, and it is formulated not to stain, fade or lose its look. It’s a wise investment for your residential or commercial property!


Find Your Style of Vinyl Fencing

There are so many styles of vinyl fencing to choose from that work great in Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding areas. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, you want to install an attractive fence that compliments your property. You probably also want security and privacy, or perhaps you want visibility and a greater curb appeal. Explore the following styles of vinyl fencing and choose one that is right for your Savannah outdoor spaces!


There are three main styles of vinyl fencing to choose from: picket, screen, and post-and-rail. Picket fences are decorative and great for security, screen fences are best for privacy, and post-and-rail fences are most common for large areas such as farms and ranches. Decide which style is best for your property. From there, you can select style variations and customizations to choose the perfect vinyl fence!



1. Picket Style Vinyl Fencing for Savannah

Picket fences encapsulate the imagery of the traditional American cottage-style home as a popular Georgia decorative fencing style. With their evenly spaced panels, or pickets, this fence style is one of the most economical choices, is easy to install, and highly customizable. The variation of picket styles is also broad as you can choose the height, distance between the pickets and even the shape of each picket and style of the posts.


Traditionally, pickets on a Georgia vinyl fence come to a tapered point at the top and at heights of 3-4 feet they are functional for keeping small animals in and strangers off the lawn. (ActiveYards also recommends a maximum picket gap of 4” if you have children or small pets on your property.) Consider your landscape design, home style and needs to determine if a picket fence is the right style for your property.


2. Screen Style Vinyl Fencing

If seclusion and privacy is what you’re after, you can turn your Georgia yard into an outdoor sanctuary with screen style vinyl fencing. A screen style fence, also known as a privacy fence, acts essentially like a wall for your outdoor spaces. There are no gaps between rails so you are provided with maximum privacy and even a sound barrier. With the proprietary Glidelock technology by ActiveYards, the screens snap firmly into place, eliminating gaps to create a solid wall between you and the outside.


There is another type of screen style “privacy fence” that uses vinyl panels on an aluminum frame. This hybrid style fencing is unique and looks great in a variety of settings.. For someone who likes the look of wood but would prefer to not deal with erosion and pests, a wood-grain designed vinyl fence like the ActiveYards Cambium line would be a perfect option.


3. Post-and-Rail Vinyl Fencing

If your Savannah, Georgia property covers a larger area and you want to fence your property line without blocking the view, the post and rail style may be right for you. Also called split rail, this style is simple while clearly marking the boundaries, especially of larger land areas. You can picture in your head the type of fencing at a farm. Post and rail fences are famously used in wide open spaces and large areas where a perimeter is needed.


The most common post and rail fences will have either 2, 3 or 4 rails spaced out between each post. Because of their natural look, post and rail fences will look great in any residential setting and many HOAs prefer them. If you love the open visibility but you have pets you need to keep fenced in, you can add wire mesh to the inside of the fence to prevent losing your furry friends.


Customize Your Vinyl Fence

Did you decide on a picket style, screen, or post-and-rail vinyl fence? Now you can get specific about choosing colors, heights, gates, and accessories. Customize your fence to really match your style and compliment your Savannah, Georgia property!

Customize Your Fence Colors

Vinyl fencing offers customization options for homeowners and business owners. Choose from a wide range of colors for both the fence and post caps. Colors are protected by ActiveYards’ proprietary Solarguard technology for years with no fading.


Various Fence Heights

You’ll also be able to choose the height for your vinyl fence. You may want a 3-foot decorative fence in your front yard and a 6-foot privacy screen in your backyard. Or, choose a design where the height varies at different points. The tops of the fences can be built to swoop down in the middle or vary in height from one post to the next.


Post Caps and Finials

Regardless of which type of fence you buy, there are quite a few different kinds of post cap options. Look at the catalog or speak to our team about what accessories are available and will work well for your design.


Gates and Fence Layout

Single walk gates are hinged on one side with a latch on the other and are best for walkways for bikes, pets and people. Single walk gates are common for pool fences in Georgia and should be self-latching, self-closing and hinged to swing outward to make it harder for a child to enter while latched.


Double drive gates are usually higher and are made of two hinged panels that open in the middle and allow for cars and other vehicles to come through. Some have additional security features such as card readers and keypad entry for access.


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