A common question we get every winter from homeowners and business owners across the Savannah region is: should I wait until Spring to have a new fence installed? The answer is, no! You don’t have to wait for warmer weather to arrive to have a fence installed!


Unless the ground is frozen solid several inches below the surface, fences can be installed in winter. While it definitely gets cold in Georgia in the winter, it doesn’t get THAT cold! There are actually several benefits to installing a fence during the winter months.


Faster Start Date For Your Fence Project

The arrival of Spring is a trigger for many homeowners … a reminder to think about the outside of their homes. The warmer weather inspires many homeowners to improve their outdoor spaces, including adding fences. This spring rush means if you want a fence installed in the spring you’ll likely have to wait for your fence company to schedule your project.


Winter wait lists for fence installation are often shorter and project completions are often faster due to crews not being split between multiple ongoing projects.


Winter Fence Installation is Easier With Fewer Landscaping Worries

Installing a fence in the Savannah region in the winter is much better for your landscaping. Since most trees, shrubs, and plants go dormant in the colder months, they can be trimmed back or even relocated without causing long-term damage. Dormant grass also means your yard won’t be affected as dramatically by equipment and workers.


While we are exceptionally careful at all times of the year to be gentle with your property as we install your new fence, the fact is the impact on your yard is less when we install your fence in the winter.


Privacy Fence When You Most Need It

Unless you are surrounded by evergreens, the trees and shrubs surrounding your property which increase your privacy in spring and summer, thin out when temperatures drop. Many backyards look a little bare in winter and offer far less privacy. Adding a privacy fence right away in the winter without waiting for spring to arrive, can offer you much needed privacy during the colder months.


Winter Fence Installation Doesn’t Interfere With Outdoor Activities

Once warm weather arrives, you and your family will want to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Installing a fence during this time will restrict the use of your yard, whereas installing a fence in winter won’t interfere with your outdoor plans. We see it all the time. In the Spring, homeowners across Georgia want to be outside planting, cleaning up their yards, enjoying time outside with their family … and this is the time we need to be there to install the fence? You can avoid this conflict by having your fence installed in the winter.


Are You Ready For a Free Consultation?

Contact us to set-up a free consultation, or give our friendly staff a call with questions. If you live in the Savannah Georgia region, our fence experts will be happy to come to your property and help you select the perfect fence. We can even design a custom layout for your property at no cost to you!