As far as fencing goes, wood is one of the best materials available. While other options like metal, stone, and chain link can be viable in some cases, more homeowners choose wood than anything else.


At JDH Fences and Decks, we specialize in providing high-quality wood fences for our Savannah, Georgia customers. In this article, we want to highlight all the reasons why wood may be an excellent choice for your property. Here is a step-by-step guide for installing a wooden fence.


Step One: Where Will Your Fence Go?

Probably the most vital element to consider when picking out a new fence is determining its location. Do you want a border fence around your whole property or just a particular section? Does the fence have to create a complete enclosure, or can it be open-ended?


Different fencing styles and materials are ideal in specific situations. Here is a quick overview of how a wood fence can work in various spots.


Post and Rail Fencing for Large Areas

For those Savannah residents with a lot of property surrounding the home, a post and rail fence is typically a good choice. While this fencing doesn’t work so well for security, it’s ideal at marking borders and keeping out animals. Also, because it’s relatively cost-effective and easy to maintain, you don’t have to invest a ton of money on the project.


Lattice Fencing for Gardens

If you’re not familiar with lattice-style wood fences, they have a criss-cross shape that allows air to flow while providing modest privacy. Because these fences use a lot of material, they are ideal for small sections. Gardens are excellent for lattices because you can use the fence as a growing foundation, or you can hang potted plants from the sides.


Picket Fences in Your Front Yard

We’ve all seen the quintessential white picket fence surrounding the home, which can invoke feelings of tradition and familiarity. Picket fences are both practical and beautiful, with the pointed tips discouraging any intruders, as well as wicking away the Georgia rain. We highly recommend installing a gate with the fence so you can get in and out easily.


Step Two: What’s the Purpose of Your Fence?

Once you’ve decided where to install your new wooden fencing, you’ll have to determine what it will do for your property. Here are some common reasons to put up a new fence.



Whether you want to prevent neighbors from peeking in or you want something that will act as a decent barrier for entry, a vertical board fence is an excellent choice. The boards are overlapped on both sides so that no one can see through. However, while this fence offers perfect privacy, it does prevent the wind from getting in, which can be a problem during the hot Savannah summers.


An alternative to vertical board fencing is louver, which allows air to flow through at an angle. In this case, though, outsiders can peek in from the side, so that may not be the best option.



Sometimes, a fence isn’t meant to keep people in or out – it’s a beautiful work of art. Fences can transform the property instantly, making your home stand out. What’s even better about wood fencing is that you can make it pop by adding color or staining. Depending on the wood you choose, a stain can help improve the look of the natural grain. Better yet, it will preserve the material for years to come.


Animal Barrier

If you have pets or other animals on the property, a wooden fence is a quick and easy way to keep them from running off (or getting in). We highly recommend installing a gate as well so that you and your family can come and go without worrying about Fido.


Step Three: Comparing Wood Fences to Alternative Materials

While wood fencing is a very popular option in Savannah, Georgia, it’s not always right for every situation. Here is a brief overview of how wood stacks up against other fence materials.



Yard for yard, wood is going to be cheaper than alternatives like metal or masonry. Chain-link fencing can also be cost-effective, but it doesn’t look as good as wood, so that’s something to keep in mind.



Some woods are more resilient than others, but they will cost a little more. Overall, metal fences are going to last the longest, followed by masonry. Wood requires regular upkeep and maintenance, which can add to the total cost.



While wood fences can improve the look of your property, they aren’t always the best choice. For example, a metal fence with masonry posts can give a more majestic appearance. Depending on the style you’re going for, wood may or may not be right for you.


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