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Vinyl fencing in Georgia

Decorative Fencing - Overview

We proudly serve business owners and residential customers in Georgia and nearby South Carolina. Our fencing experts bring the highest quality service in the area and the best vinyl and aluminum decorative fencing we can find through our partners at ActiveYards.

Decorative Fence Solutions

If you need a fence and you are in Georgia or along the Georgia border in South Carolina, we have the perfect fence for you. Vinyl, aluminum and wood fences are great for both businesses and residential homes and come in a variety of styles to fit your unique decorative fencing needs. Our fences are durable, versatile, and can be installed virtually anywhere that you want to add a decorative touch.

Protection Vinyl fencing in Georgia

Protection Fencing

At JDH Decks and Fences, our fencing is durable and maximizes the protection of the area that your fence surrounds. Aluminum and vinyl fencing are ideal for keeping your home or business safe and is are maintenance as well, so you seldom have to worry about maintenance and repairs.

Privacy Vinyl fencing in Georgia

Privacy Fencing

Our vinyl privacy fencing not only looks great but comes standard with our GlideLock technology - which secures each board to the next. No gaps, no blowouts, and more security. Custom vinyl and aluminum fencing is great for boosting your property value. Our fences also protect your business without making it look bleak or dreary. Spice up the curb appeal of your business with a decorative vinyl fence.

Pool Vinyl fencing in Georgia

Pool Fencing

Aluminum and vinyl decorative fencing for pools is one of the best ways to add curb appeal to your property. The vinyl fencing that we get from our partners at ActiveYards use GlideLock technology to make sure your fence gives you the maximum amount of privacy. Glidelock is integrated into their fencing so that each piece of fence interlocks perfectly together - eliminating the gaps that lower quality, traditional fences often have.

Decorative Vinyl fencing in Georgia

Aluminum Fencing

There is no better way to add curb appeal or create a backdrop for flowers and landscape designs than an ActiveYards Fencing System. Sometimes just a few panels make a huge impression! We have a large selection of gorgeous styles of fencing that you can use to spruce up your home or business space.

Benefits of Decorative Fencing

There are so many benefits to installing decorative aluminum or vinyl fencing for your home or business. Some of the top benefits include:

  • Privacy at your home or business with solid panel decorative vinyl fencing.
  • Adding value to your home or business.
  • Adding protection and privacy to your pool with vinyl decorative fencing.
  • Protecting your business with vinyl decorative fencing.

Fencing Applications

Whether you need decorative vinyl or aluminum fencing for your home or business, we can provide the perfect decorative fence and fence installation services for you.

Residential Vinyl fencing in Georgia

Residential Decorative Fencing

Our experts will come out to your home personally to measure the area where you want to install your fence. Afterward, you can sit down with our fencing experts to discuss your vision, wants, and needs for your decorative fence around your home or pool.

Residential Fencing
Commercial Vinyl fencing in Georgia

Commercial Decorative Fencing

Thinking about decorative fencing for your business? Vinyl and aluminum decorative fences are not only a great way to add a layer of protection to your business building or area, but they're also a great way to make it look nicer as well. Speak with our fencing experts today to discuss what you have in mind for your ideal commercial decorative fence.

Commercial Fencing

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Decorative Fence Installation Options

We provide full fencing services for residents and businesses in Georgia and parts of South Carolina. With that, we understand that many residents want to install their fence on their own. If that's the case, we can set you up with the perfect fence and give you the guidance to install it yourself. Take on your own DIY fence project yourself or let us handle the work for you.

DIY residential fencing in Georgia

DIY Fence Projects

If you enjoy taking on your own projects, that's wonderful! We would love to set you up with the perfect vinyl fence for your home and give you everything that you need to install it yourself. Feel free to contact our experts anytime for tips and tricks on how to install your vinyl fence.

residential fencing with professional installation in Georgia

Professional Fence Installation

Not feeling up to tackling another project? Contact our team of fence experts so that we can get you the fence you need and handle the entire installation for you. Full-service fence pricing and installation at an affordable price.

Learn More About ActiveYards Fence Solutions

We are a proud, authorized dealer of ActiveYards commercial and residential decorative vinyl and aluminum fencing for South Carolina and Georgia. Why do we partner with ActiveYards for our fencing materials? ActiveYards provides some of the best fencing you can find on the market, and the best is what we strive for, for every single one of our customers. Find out why we choose ActiveYards for our commercial and residential decorative fencing materials.

ActiveYards Overview

JDH Decks & Fences, Inc is an ActiveYards dealer in southern Georgia.

ActiveYards is the premier name in fencing, and we are pleased to be an authorized ActiveYards dealer in Georgia.

Learn more about the outdoor innovations from ActiveYards by clicking on the video on the left. ActiveYards products bring your backyard to life with colors and styles that fit any home. And with the latest in fencing and railing technology, ActiveYards products ensure that the investment you make in fencing will last.

JDH Decks & Fences, Inc. has installed ActiveYards fencing products on homes and commercial properties throughout southern Georgia and South Carolina. Call JDH Decks and Fences912-748-1907 for more information or to schedule a decorative fencing estimate.

Decorative Fence FAQ's

Here are answers to some of the common decorative fencing questions we have received from our customers. Hopefully they will help answer your questions as well.

Vinyl fence, Dogwood style in Georgia by ActiveYards Georgia Juniper style Vinyl fencing by ActiveYards Arrowood style vinyl fencing options in Georgia by ActiveYards Silverbell Scallop fence solutions for Georgia residents by ActiveYards

What is your service area?

JDH Decks & Fences Inc provides fencing installations all over the Savannah area, north to Hilton Head, SC, south to Brunswick, GA and west to Statesboro.

What Kind of Warranty Do Your Fences Have?

We warranty our work against defects in installation. Many of our fence products also come with a manufacturer's warranty.

Can I really install an ActiveYards system myself?

Absolutely, but be realistic. It is all about the digging. Digging conditions vary and could make or break the experience. Some styles require very small holes, yet others need to be larger. The assembly process is not complicated and in most cases very logical.

What Kind of Maintenance Do The Fences Require?

Our decorative fences require no maintenance. It might need a cleaning every couple of years or so, but that's it!

How Do I Clean My Fence?

Soap and water. It is recommended that you wash white fences at least every 24 months for maximum beauty

My property isn't flat. Will your fencing leave big gaps under each panel?

Many decorative fences that we install in Georgia and in South Carolina are on sloping or rolling terrain. Not to worry, all of our fencing options are designed to follow the grade without leaving gaps.

Does Adding a Fence Increase the Value of My Home?

Like most outdoor improvements, a fence doesn't necessarily add value to the home, however, it will add to the curb appeal and ultimately, add salability. On the other hand, a lower quality, weathered, or poorly installed fence may detract from the value of the home.

Do Your Fences Meet Local Pool Codes?

We are very familiar with the local pool codes in nearly every Georgia town and many South Carolina towns. Most of our "Pool" styles will meet local codes; however, there are some exceptions. Keep in mind that nearly all the "Privacy" styles meet the standards as well.

We Have Answers.

Feel free to contact us with any further questions you may have. Our installers have over 35 years of combined experience and have the knowledge to answer any and all of your questions. JDH Fences provides the best service and products available at competitive pricing. Contact us and get a quote today to find out approximately how much your project will cost. We are here to help meet all of your fencing needs!

Vinyl fencing company in Georgia

Why Choose JDH for Your Decorative Aluminum or Vinyl Fencing Project

No other Savannah, Georgia fence company offers the level of customer service that we do. We communicate constantly with our customers to provide the support and assurance they need and to address any questions and concerns. We arrive on time, we get the job done right, and we leave the area spotless when we are finished. Look through our photo gallery to see exactly what we have achieved for customers in the past. We could do the same for you, so do not wait to contact us and request an estimate!

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Most Popular Styles of Decorative Fencing

Here are some of the most popular choices of our decorative fencing options - as selected by our customers across dozens of communities in Georgia and South Carolina.

Popular Cottonwood Vinyl Decorative Fence Style Selected by our Georgia and South Carolina Residents

Vinyl Fence
Cottonwood Style
Decorative Vinyl Fence

Popular Primrose Scallop Decorative Vinyl Fence Style Selected by our Georgia and South Carolina Residents

Vinyl Fence
Primrose Scallop Style
Decorative Vinyl Fence

Aspen Decorative Vinyl Fence Style Selected by our Georgia and South Carolina Residents

Vinyl Fence
Aspen Style
Decorative Vinyl Fence

Chestnut Scallop Decorative Vinyl Fence Style Selected by our Georgia and South Carolina Residents

Vinyl Fence
Chestnut Scallop Style
Decorative Vinyl Fence

Popular Arrowwood Vinyl Fence Style Selected by our Georgia and South Carolina Residents

Aluminum Fence
Slate Style
Decorative Aluminum Fence

Popular Dogwood Vinyl Fence Style Selected by our Georgia and South Carolina Residents

Aluminum Fence
Travertine Style
Decorative Aluminum Fence

Popular Moonstone Vinyl Fence Style Selected by our Georgia and South Carolina Residents

Aluminum Fence
Bedrock Style
Decorative Aluminum Fence

Popular Primrose Vinyl Fence Style Selected by our Georgia and South Carolina Residents

Aluminum Fence
Granite Style
Decorative Aluminum Fence

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