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If you are shopping for fences in Rincon Georgia, your first stop should be JDH Decks & Fences. We are the top rated fence company in Eastern Georgia and we have valuable information to help you shop. Whether you want to install a residential fence or you need commercial fencing around your business, we have access to all of the fencing products and we offer installation and repair services - everything you may need all under one roof.

Our local showroom in Savannah is just 30 minutes away and we are always ready to help customer in Rincon Georgia. After working for many years on Eastern Georgia fence projects, we've earned a great reputation and we are grateful to be named the #1 Rincon, Georgia Fence Company!

Rincon, Georgia Fence Company

Types of Fences for Your Rincon Georgia Property

JDH fence technicians are experts and we have experience with installing many different types of fences. Aluminum fences, vinyl fences, iron, wood, and chain link fencing are some of the materials to choose from. We know all about local codes and fence laws in Rincon and we can help you make the best choice for your space and budget.

Residential Fence styles to consider in Rincon, GA

  • Barberry
  • Buckeye
  • Chestnut Stepped
  • Chestnut Scalloped
  • Crossbuck
  • 2-Rail Ranch
  • Tupelo
  • Mulberry
  • Primrose
  • Silverbell
  • Commercial Fence styles to consider in Rincon, GA

  • Onyx
  • Basalt
  • Slate
  • Travertine
  • Diamond
  • Amethyst 3-Rail

  • Legal Info and Fence Codes

    When you hire a professional Rincon Georgia fence company like JDH Decks & Fences, no need to worry about the legal requirements because our fences are 100% compliant with local fence laws. We keep up with every law and code that has to do with installing and maintaining fences so our customers won’t have any trouble now or in the future. However, if you’re working with an amateur fencer or installing a fence by yourself, read up on local laws and codes before you get started.

    Local Pool Codes

    Pool fences are required in most states for pools over 18” deep. If you’re installing a fence around your pool, research how far the fence must be from your property line. There are rules about how high the fence must be, and mechanisms for locking and latching the gate.

    According to LegalBeagle, Georgia law requires pool fences to be “at least 4 feet tall and to begin no higher than 4 inches above the ground.”

    State Laws

    If you’re a property owner in Rincon, Georgia, you are free to install a fence. Just be aware of your property line and your neighbors’ space and view. Check out the requirements for a partition fence and avoid putting up a structure that would be considered a “spite fence.”

    To find out more about these local fence laws, CLICK HERE

    Explore Your Options with JDH Decks and Fences

    JDH Decks & Fences is located nearby on Bryce Industrial Drive in Savannah, GA. Contact JDH during business hours to get information over the phone. Or, if you want a free customized estimate, we will come to you! We can show you samples of fencing materials and colors and help you select the perfect fence for your outdoor space. Call us at (912) 748-1907 to meet with a JDH fence specialist today!

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    Pooler Georgia Fence Company
    Pooler Georgia Fence Company
    Pooler Georgia Fence Company