As you wander through your town, admiring the stunning fences that adorn the properties, it’s only natural to feel a twinge of fence envy. But if you live on hilly terrain, you might have worried that such beauty couldn’t grace your own property. Fear not, for JDH Decks and Fences is here to put your worries to rest! As a trusted Savannah, Georgia fence company, we specialize in installing remarkable fences on inclines and slopes, ensuring that no hill is too challenging for us to conquer!

Read on as we delve into the world of fence installation methods on inclines, sharing valuable insights from the knowledgeable experts at JDH Decks and Fences.

What Do I Need to Know About Installing Georgia Residential Fencing on an Incline?

Before embarking on the installation of a fence on your sloped yard, there’s a crucial piece of information you should know: there’s no need to flatten your entire property! At our trusted Savannah, Georgia fence company, our team of skilled installation experts possesses the knowledge and expertise to tackle fence installations in various unique circumstances, including sloped or hilly terrain. If the thought of moving earth and dealing with heavy machinery fills you with dread, look no further and reach out to us today!


It’s also important to understand that fences installed along slopes or hills may require specific maintenance measures. Hills are prone to soil erosion, which can potentially destabilize fence posts over time. To prevent any unfortunate collapses, regular fence inspections are necessary. Keep a close eye on areas of erosion and promptly replace soil as needed, ensuring the longevity and stability of your fence.


Don’t fret about customization options and available styles for fences installed on inclines. They are just as abundant as those for fences on flat surfaces. Whether you adore the low-maintenance appeal of a stunning vinyl fence, the classic charm of a traditional aluminum fence, or the rustic beauty of a wood fence, our Savannah, Georgia fence company offers an array of options to cater to your personal taste and preferences.

What are the Installation Methods Used for Installing Fences on Inclines? 

There are two commonly used installation methods for installing fences along inclines: stepping or racking. Each of these installation methods has its pros and cons, and our team of fence experts is here to help you make the correct decision for your Georgia residential fence. 

Racked Fencing in Savannah, Georgia

When it comes to installing a fence along a slope or incline, one of the most commonly preferred methods is known as racking. Racked fences seamlessly follow the contour of the ground, resulting in a visually pleasing appearance. In a racked fence, the bottom of each fence picket aligns with the ground, causing each picket to be slightly lower than the one preceding it as you move down the slope. Similarly, individual fence posts are also placed slightly lower than the previous post. This technique creates a uniform and smooth look for your residential fence in Georgia, with the pickets positioned close to the ground.


If you opt for a vinyl fence installation on a slope, both the top and bottom rails of the fence will be installed at an angle, ensuring a consistent top and bottom edge between each fence post. The same applies to decorative aluminum fences and chain link fences. By employing this technique, your fence will sit almost flush with the ground, effectively preventing anything from passing underneath, including your beloved pets!


While racking remains the go-to method for installing Georgia residential fencing along inclines, it may not be suitable for every property. Racked fences are best suited for yards with less steep inclines. If you’re dealing with steeper hills on your property, it’s worth considering an alternative approach known as a stepped fence. This method accommodates the terrain by incorporating distinct steps or sections within the fence design, ensuring a secure and visually appealing installation by your Savannah, Georgia fence company.

Stepped Fencing in Savannah, Georgia

While racked fences provide a sleek and continuous rail line, stepped fences offer a different aesthetic with a rail line that resembles a set of stairs or steps. Stepped fencing is particularly well-suited for properties with steeper hills and inclines. During the installation of a stepped fence, each post is positioned slightly lower than the previous one, similar to the technique used for racked fences. However, the top and bottom rails are placed perpendicular to the ground, creating the visual effect of distinct steps.


Whether you opt for an aluminum, chain link, wood, or vinyl stepped fence, you will notice a triangular gap between the bottom rail and the ground. This gap may allow small pets or animals to potentially escape from your yard, making this option less suitable for certain properties, although there are solutions to fill this space with plants or soil. Nonetheless, a stepped fence serves as an excellent solution for homeowners seeking enhanced privacy for their steeply sloped yards.

We’re Here to Guide Your Georgia Residential Fencing Installation

The decision to install stepped or racked Georgia residential fencing on an incline is a personal decision based on your tastes, property, and individual needs. If you’re considering installing a new fence, take a look at our photo gallery for some inspiration. If you have any questions, our team of experienced and friendly experts is here to help!

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