A poorly maintained, damaged fence will certainly distract from the appearance of a home. In addition to being a nuisance, the reduced functionality of an old, worn-out fence takes away the benefits of having one in the first place. Certain types of fences will inevitably fail over time. At JDH Decks and Fences, a respected Savannah, Georgia fence company, we’d like to share some tips for determining whether it’s time to plan for a new fence.

Key Signs Your Savannah Fence is Due for an Upgrade

In many circumstances, your Savannah, Georgia residential fence can be fixed. A reasonable amount of repair work should be considered part of proper maintenance, yet there will come a time when repairs are just no longer worthwhile. Although it is not always an easy decision, it is beneficial for your home to plan for a new fence when the time comes. Continue reading to find out the top three signs that it’s time to contact your favorite Savannah, Georgia fence company to replace your fence.

Structural Damage in Your Georgia Residential Fence

If you can see through what should be solid pickets in your wood fence, you should have it repaired. Keep in mind that the new wood of a newly placed fence will shrink as it dries, so let us help you select the best style of wood fence to ensure a completely private barrier with no gaps. 


If only one or two boards have holes or enlarged gaps, consider replacing them. However, if the holes are more widespread, they are likely to indicate more severe damage. In this instance, it seems practical to replace your Savannah, Georgia residential fence. Even after fixing damaged boards, the existence of many holes and big gaps suggests that the fence, as a whole, is losing its integrity.


The UV rays that are harmful to humans can also degrade your wood fence over time. The most common effect of UV rays is bleaching, which causes a fence to lose its color and gradually fade to a pale gray tone, but the color change is only the most noticeable effect. As a wood fence grays, it dries out and loses structural strength. If your fence has changed colors, check for other flaws and indicators of damage. Moisture can eventually damage a fence. If you detect portions of the fence rotting and wearing away, typically around the bottoms of the pickets, you will most likely need to replace it soon. 


Other types of fences, not just wood, can experience structural decline, including chain link and vinyl. A vinyl fence that has cracked could be repaired by replacing the affected panel, but if multiple panels are damaged, it might be wise to replace the fence. While chain link fences are incredibly sturdy, they can still sustain damage. It might be possible to repair them, but if you prefer a different look, replacing them can offer an opportunity to experiment with various designs of Savannah, Georgia residential fencing.

Addressing Rust and Discoloration in Your Georgia Fence

Most modern fences incorporate technology to prevent discoloration and rusting, but if your fence is older, this may pose an issue. Many steel fences, including chain link fencing, have coatings with specific chemicals to prevent rusting, but these coatings can wear away over time. Older chain link fences, constructed before receiving a rust-resistant, galvanized substance coating, may degrade and rust.


A rusted fence can pose a dangerous risk if someone cuts themselves on it due to the potential for tetanus. Catching the rust early will significantly increase the lifespan of your fence, especially if it undergoes spot treatment. You can sand rusty areas and then apply rust-resistant paint. However, if your fence has rusted throughout, it may be time to build a new one. Your favorite Savannah, Georgia fence company now provides a variety of rust-free solutions, including modern PVC-coated chain link, aluminum fencing, vinyl fencing, and wood fencing.

Addressing a Leaning Fence

If your Savannah, Georgia residential fence isn’t standing straight, it’s time to consider replacing it. Most of the time, fixing a leaning fence is too late. Several reasons may cause a fence to slant. A drooping fence usually indicates a problem with the posts. 


The posts, which are responsible for holding the fence in place, are often anchored into the ground using a no-dig method or cement. The poles are supported by cement, which is poured into a hole in the earth. If the ground shifts, it may tilt the entire cement footing and the post it supports. Typically, addressing this issue requires significant effort. When this type of repair is necessary, the fence is often in bad shape as well. Reach out to your reputable Savannah, Georgia fence company to determine if they can repair the fence.

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Rely on JDH Decks and Fence for Expert Savannah, Georgia Residential Fence Replacement

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