As a fence company based in Savannah Georgia, one of the most common questions we are asked is which type of fence and which style of fence is the most popular with Savannah residents. It’s a fair question, and one that we’d love to share with you right here!


Most Popular Styles of Fencing in Savannah Georgia

Savannah is a very traditional and beautiful town. From our architecture to our scenic areas, Savannah has a style all of its own. This style is also reflected in the fences. There are so many beautiful historic buildings that have their original (or restored) fencing. This has, in turn, influenced even the new fences that are put up by many residents.


Black Aluminum Fences

Black metal fences are very common in the historic areas of Savannah. Most residents of Savannah who wish to maintain this look choose aluminum fencing these days instead of the original iron fencing materials. High-quality aluminum fencing maintains a similar look as the old iron fencing without the extreme cost or the maintenance challenges. Anyone who has owned an iron fence knows that ongoing maintenance is a big issue with the older metal materials. Aluminum fences eliminate this problem because they don’t rust and they don’t need to be painted. In effect, you get the beauty and elegance of an iron fence without any of the headaches. If elegance is your goal, there is no better solution than a black aluminum fence.


Picket Fences in Vinyl or Wood

If you are looking for a traditional fencing approach to your Savannah property, it’s hard to beat a simple white picket fence. Traditionally, these were made of wood pickets and we certainly sell and install a lot of those. However, we are seeing a shift to white vinyl picket fences in Savannah. They can look nearly identical to their wood counterparts but without the hassle. If you’ve even had to maintain a wood picket fence in the past, you know exactly what I am talking about. The vinyl version of the picket fence requires no maintenance! No painting, no replacing broken pickets, no rust issues (nail heads)…nothing!


Split Rail Fences

Another popular style of fence is the split rail fence. This is particularly popular in the areas surrounding Savannah. These beautiful fences help give Savannah its character and can greatly beautify your home. Simple wood split rail fences can be relatively inexpensive. These types of fences are more decorative in nature as they don’t provide for much privacy or protection. As with all wood fences, maintenance is important. Without upkeep, these fences can rot. There are new vinyl split rail fencing options that look like wood but without all of the maintenance issues. If you are looking for a beautiful fencing solution without the ongoing maintenance, a vinyl split rail fence might be your solution!


Most Popular Fencing Options in Savannah

Of course, there is much more to a fence than the color and the style you choose. The design of the fence, the installation, and the many options which can make a fence more functional and more beautiful. The best way to really understand all of your best options is to have our fencing experts come to your property and look at your specific situation. Our office is right here in Savannah, so we can be there when you are ready for us!


Many Savannah homeowners find a second gate or any number of add-on options are what makes their new fence even better than they were hoping for. Give us a call, the possibilities are endless!


If you find yourself needing to replace your existing fence, please consider JDH Decks and Fencing. We have all types of fences for just about every need. Our two most popular types of fencing in situations like this are our aluminum fencing and our vinyl fencing – because both of them come with lifetime warranties!


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