If you’re in need of a fence for your home, it is essential that you choose one that stands the test of time. Because of this, JDH Decks & Fences installs our posts using a no-dig technique that is superior to and distinct from conventional fence installation techniques. Allow us to explain our no-dig approach to you and why it distinguishes us from other fence companies in Savannah, Georgia. To find out more about JDH Decks & Fences’ no-dig fencing benefits, keep reading!

What Exactly Is A No Dig Georgia Residential Fence?

We place a high value on superior quality installation techniques, including installing all of our posts with a post driver and employing the no-dig fence method. We can firmly install your fence posts deep into the ground by driving fence posts rather than tearing up your yard or using a lot of concrete. 


As we previously indicated, a lot of fence companies install residential fences in Georgia using the conventional technique, which involves first excavating sizable holes and then setting the fence posts in concrete. Although this method works well at first, it is a messy, labor-intensive process that does not last as long as our no-dig approach.


Allow us to demonstrate to you the many advantages of working with a fence company that drives their fence posts! 

What Advantages Do No-Dig Fences Offer?

A no-dig fence has a number of advantages over a conventional Savannah, GA residential fence with post holes. Here are a few examples:

Quicker and Simpler Installation

Digging deep post holes takes time and effort that can be avoided with a no-dig fence. Digging a hole that is at least three feet deep for each post, along with the necessary concrete mixing and filling time, is significantly more time-consuming than just driving in a steel fence post. Believe us! 


Since a no-dig fence does not require the use of concrete or other materials that could harm the soil or the environment, it is more environmentally friendly. In addition to requiring less equipment and causing less disruption to the surrounding area, this method is quicker, simpler, and less intrusive than conventional fence installation techniques. 

Less Equipment Is Needed

Fence posts are an excellent choice for jobs with restricted access because they can be driven with just a hydraulic or manual post driver, negating the need for large, heavy equipment to dig out large holes. 

Less Complex Repairs

Simpler repairs are another advantage of the no-dig fence technique. You can easily drive a new post into place and remove a damaged post’s rails. Compared to digging up concrete and resetting a post, this is far simpler and less expensive. Furthermore, the steel posts utilized in this technique are frequently stronger than conventional wood, aluminum, or vinyl posts.

It’s Important to Work With a Reputable Savannah, Georgia Residential Fence Company

It can be difficult to choose the best Georgia residential fence company to work with. Here at JDH Decks & Fences, we differentiate ourselves from the competition with our superior fence installation techniques, a wealth of experience, and countless glowing client testimonials


Consider working with our renowned fence company if you are looking for a high-quality fence that will enable you to quickly and simply add a layer of privacy and security to your property. We would love to show you why we love driving our fence posts. You can find more finished projects in our photo gallery, which may serve as additional inspiration for your next fence project!  

JDH Decks & Fences Is the Best Savannah, Georgia Fence Company You Can Find!

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