One of the best types of fences for privacy is wood fencing. In fact, the most popular privacy fences in the Savannah area are wood fences, though vinyl privacy fences have also gained popularity in Savannah and the surrounding towns. What makes wood such a great choice for privacy fencing? Let’s explore some of the details below.


Components of a Wood Privacy Fence

Wood privacy fences in Georgia and beyond use three main components:


As the foundation for your wooden privacy fence, the vertical posts hold all the other fence components in place, making proper installation and lumber selection crucial. The overall strength and durability of your privacy fence depends strongly on the quality of the installation of your posts.



Wood fence rails run horizontally, connecting one post to the next and providing the attachment points for vertical in-fill panels or boards. Wood fence styles almost always include top and bottom rails. Some styles include a middle rail also.


In-Fill Panels or Boards

Vertical in-fill panels or boards are the main component in any wooden privacy fence. As the most visible part of a privacy fence, this component often requires the most maintenance and attention.


A Variety of Styles

One of the reasons wood privacy fences are so popular is because of the number of styles and designs you can create with wood fences. Also, because it is wood, you can paint it or stain it any color you like. Whatever your taste, whatever your style – a wood privacy fence can help you achieve your goals for your home or business.


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