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Are you looking for a fence to complement your home or business? Do you want to find a fence that looks great while providing you with top-notch privacy and security? You're in the right place with JDH Decks and Fences.

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Our team of fence and deck professionals has been serving the Port Royal South Carolina area since 2007, and we are proud to say we offer a wide selection of high quality products that can fit your budget and preferences.

Check out all that we offer from examples and descriptions on our website, then speak to our knowledgeable, friendly team to get your question answered and begin your exciting new project!

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For Residential Or Commercial Fences, We Have What You Need

Every resident in Port Royal South Carolina has a unique motivation behind the decision to install a new fence, and each reason holds its own importance. Whether it's a cozy Residential Fence to enhance your home or a sturdy Commercial Fence for your business, we're here to assist you in selecting the ideal fence for your specific requirements. Our goal is to ensure that your choice not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Port Royal South Carolina residential fencing

Benefits of Residential Fences in Port Royal South Carolina

A residential fence from JDH Decks and Fences can offer protection to your children and pets, establish safety around pool areas, and establish strong property boundaries while combining beauty with increased security.

Port Royal South Carolina commercial fencing

benefits of Commercial Fences in Port Royal South Carolina

Businesses and commercial properties in Port Royal looking to increase security, keep liabilities down, and enhance curb appeal will benefit from a commercial fence from JDH Decks and Fences.


3 Simple Steps to Buying a Fence in Port Royal

We've simplified the process of buying a fence! Since we've been installing fences in the Port Royal area for over15 years, we've streamlined the steps and are here to help you through each part of the process. Start with shopping and getting your questions answered by one of our fence pros!

Buying a Port Royal fence - Step 1

Our Selection of Fences

With so many fence options available, it can be overwhelming to narrow it down. Shopping for a fence doesn't have to be a hassle! Start by browsing our website for each type of fence you're considering, view our photo gallery or Pinterest board for some inspiration, and write down your top priorities. Then either call or contact us through our website and let us help you find exactly what you need.

Buying a Port Royal fence - Step 2

Your Perfect Fence

Choosing your next fence should be a decision you can be confident about. Take a look at our website to see all of the different styles and materials there are to choose from. Depending on your budget and the purpose of your fence, we offer a wide range of excellent fencing possibilities. Compare and select the fence that works best for you!

Buying a Port Royal fence - Step 3

Installation from the Pros

It's never been easier or more cost-effective for residents of Port Royal South Carolina, to hire our company to build their fence! Working with professional installers takes all the stress out of your project and will save you time and frustration. Your final step is to schedule installation, and we'll take it from there!

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Explore your fencing options for the Port Royal area with a fence expert from JDH Decks and Fences! Compare all of the options we offer in different configurations and styles for your property with our friendly staff. No risk or obligation!

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Browse our pins, which include fence ideas, interesting facts about Port Royal South Carolina, and some photo pins showcasing many of our fence and outdoor projects around town. Enjoy!

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Port Royal SC Explore A Variety of Fencing Types

Residents and business owners in Port Royal can choose from many different types of fences to meet their own needs and goals. We offer a wide range of fence options in Port Royal and the surrounding area.
Port Royal SC Aluminum Fences

Aluminum Fences

Aluminum fences are one of the most popular options for fences in South Carolina due to their appealing aesthetic. Many homeowners choose a classic aluminum fence to surround their pools for added safety and security. An Activeyards aluminum fence is strong, durable and is backed with a lifetime warranty, and can be customized with various toppers to suit your style, making them a great choice all around!

Port Royal SC Chain Link Fences

Chain Link Fences

Chain link fencing is a popular type of Port Royal fence because it is strong and rust-resistant. Chain link is a reliable type of fencing that can be used in almost any situation. It can be galvanized and can have different colored PVC coatings added to it for extra protection and appearance. Combined with PVC privacy slats, chain link fencing is an affordable and customizable option for your residential or commercial property!

Port Royal SC Vinyl Fences

Vinyl Fences

Vinyl fences are common in Port Royal because they can be customized to match the aesthetic of any property. Made of PVC, they are long-lasting, low-maintenance fences that come in a variety of colors. When properly installed by a reputable fence contractor like JDH Decks and Fences, a vinyl fence can be used in many applications such as a privacy fence, a pool fence, a fence for security, or purely for decorative value, and with the Activeyards lifetime warranty your fence will look brand new for years to come.

Port Royal SC Wood Fences

Wood Fences

When it comes to protecting their property, homeowners in Port Royal and the surrounding areas love wood fences! Wood fences are the most affordable fencing option upfront, and they come in a wide variety of styles. You can stain or paint wood to get the look you desire for your home or business and choose a modern or traditional style of fence to suit your personal tastes.

Get Answers You Need!

At JDH Decks and Fences, we love helping property owners for both residential and commercial spaces with all kinds of fencing and outdoor solutions. All across the Port Royal South Carolina area, customers experience high level service with us - give us a call today to find out more!

Port Royal South Carolina Privacy Fences

For a great assortment of privacy fences for your home or business, Port Royal South Carolina locals know they can count on us. We have built an outstanding reputation over the past 15 years. JDH Decks and Fences will guide you through the selection process and complete your installation with professionalism and excellence.

Port Royal South Carolina wood privacy fencing

Port Royal South CarolinaWood Privacy Fences

Wood privacy fences are the perfect solution if you're wanting an economical way to elevate the look of your property. Depending on the type of fence style you choose, a wood fence can make your property look either classic or modern. Whether you are going for a full privacy or semi-privacy fence, wood has many customizable options, making it a great choice!

Port Royal South Carolina vinyl privacy fencing

Port Royal South CarolinaVinyl Privacy Fences

Vinyl privacy fences are great for blocking external views of your yard or commercial property. Vinyl fencing is made of a durable, flexible material that lasts for a long time and needs very little upkeep. When it comes to full privacy, vinyl fence panels provide a durable perimeter of your yard.

Port Royal South Carolina chain link privacy fencing

Port Royal South CarolinaChain Link Fences

Chain link privacy fences are now a possibility thanks to a feature called privacy slatting. For the ultimate chain link privacy fence, choose a PVC-coated galvanized chain link fence and upgrade to include privacy slats in the same color. This will make your property more private without breaking the bank.


Wood, vinyl, aluminum, and chain link are common materials for commercial and residential fences. No matter what you are looking for when it comes to a new fence for any property, we are your solution. JDH Decks and Fences offers the highest quality products on the market.

Fence placement is ultimately the responsibility of you, the customer. Moving a fence after installation can be costly, so getting a survey to be safe is never a bad idea. In many cases, the property lines are clear and well-marked and installing your fence can be done without an official survey. However, some municipalities do require it.

Municipalities vary, but most have laws stating that residential fences cannot be taller than six feet. Taller fences are frequently allowed in commercial settings. It is always advisable to inquire about specific requirements and limitations from your local building code office.

It varies according to the type of fence. Wood fences may need to be stained or painted every 2-3 years, whereas vinyl and aluminum fences require little maintenance. Although they are a low-maintenance fence option, chain link fences may need to have damaged parts replaced or tightened.

Several factors, including the fence's size, material selection, and style preference, can significantly affect the cost of installing a residential fence. We offer quotes for free! Simply fill out our online form or give us a call, and our friendly, experienced staff will gladly walk you through the process and schedule a consultation.

When selecting a fence for your property, you must consider several factors, including the style of your home or business, the purpose of the fence (privacy, security, decoration, and so on), and your budget. We will gladly walk you through the decision-making process to determine the best type of fence for your needs.

Fences in Port Royal South Carolina

Check out these examples of fences in Port Royal South Carolina.

Our photo gallery below showcases many of our recent Port Royal South Carolina fence projects. We have even more pics available, so if you want to see more examples contact us today!