A properly fenced swimming pool is a safe, well-kept swimming pool. You’ve already invested time and money into making your pool and water features an integral part of your backyard landscape. Your investment should be protected by a fence that enhances the existing structures in your yard and keeps friends and family safe when your pool is not in use.


Many Savannah homeowners already have a privacy fence installed on their property, and it’s important to integrate your pool fence with this structure. The problem is the characteristics of a high quality pool fence are not always the same as a privacy fence. The long term exposure to chemicals and water can take a toll on many traditional fence materials, and local weather in Savannah can be hard on wooden fences in particular.


These factors make striking a balance between the existing aesthetic and the safety/longevity of materials challenging. The good news is we at JDH Decks and Fences have solutions to fit any existing design and still adhere to local pool codes in Savannah. Check out these seven inspirational ideas for fences you’ll be proud to put up around your swimming pool.


Vinyl and Aluminum Pool Code Approved Fences

At JDH Decks and Fences, we provide ActiveYardsⓇ pool code approved vinyl fencing and aluminum fencing for Savannah, Georgia, and our neighbors in the surrounding area.


Keep reading to learn about some of the unique benefits of aluminum and vinyl fences.


1. Vinyl Pool Fence

The most flexible option for design and construction will always be a high quality vinyl fence. Manufacturers produce vinyl fences specifically formulated for poolside use in colors and designs to suit any existing aesthetic. More importantly, vinyl lasts longer and provides greater security without costing a fortune. Vinyl also makes the perfect material for the harsh summer conditions and high humidity of the Georgia climate.


2. Aluminum Perimeter Fence

Providing both a classic look and superior longevity, aluminum perimeter fences are a popular choice among Savannah homeowners. Many southern style homes in Savannah already feature some form of aluminum fence around the property, so adding a simple aluminum perimeter pool fence blends seamlessly with existing privacy and security fences.


Moreover, aluminum also complements existing fence designs, allowing them a higher degree of versatility than other material choices. You can jump right in with this pool code compliant fence.


There are also more finish options for aluminum fences since they are naturally corrosion resistant. Want that classic Savannah iron fence look without the high price? Go aluminum!


3. Wooden Pool Fence

Simple, inexpensive and effective, wooden slat fences function much like vinyl fences without the long term durability. You’ll definitely want to finish these with some type of lacquer or stain to preserve them, but installed properly and maintained over time they are an attractive option. You just have to be willing to put the work in.


Get Help From the Pros in Savannah, Georgia

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