If you are thinking about installing a fence, vinyl fences are a great option. Vinyl fences stand out from other types with its combination of flexibility, versatility, and affordability. If you are interested in doing a DIY fence installation on your own fence, the fencing we provide is some of the most user and installation-friendly vinyl fencing you can find in Savannah and the surrounding areas.


Savannah’s Best Quality Vinyl Fencing

At JDH Decks and Fences, we provide ActiveYards fencing to provide top-tier vinyl fencing and aluminum fencing for Savannah, Georgia, and our neighbors in the surrounding area. This article provides a closer look at the benefits of vinyl and aluminum fencing and how you can install your own fencing around your home.


Keep reading to learn about some of the unique benefits of aluminum and vinyl fences. You will also learn about how easy DIY fence installation is for your home.


Benefits of Vinyl Fencing for Georgia Properties

Vinyl fences are made out of some of the sturdiest and best materials that you can use for your fence. Our customers love vinyl fences from ActiveYards because they are easy to install and they last a lifetime.


One of the benefits of installing our ActiveYards vinyl fences is that they are easy to install. If you like, our fencing experts can come out to your home and install your fence for you. We can come out to your home to take your measurements, talk about your preferences for your fence, and provide an estimate for the materials. Then our team of experienced fencing experts can install your brand new fence for you.


Or, if you would like, we can come out and take all of the measurements you need, place the order for all of your fencing materials and then send the materials to your home so you can do your own DIY fence installation for your vinyl fence.


The other great aspect of our vinyl fences is that they last a lifetime. ActiveYards fences are the highest quality vinyl fences we could find, which is why we offer them to our customers in Savannah, Georgia and the surrounding areas.


Your Step-by-Step DIY Guide for Installing Your Vinyl Fence

If you are considering ordering one of our ActiveYards fences and installing one yourself, here is our step-by-step DIY guide so that you can install your own vinyl fence at your Savannah, Georgia.


  • Dig the Holes for Your Fence Posts

First, dig the holes for the fence posts. You can either use a hand post hole digger or a power auger to dig holes. The holes should be deep enough to cover a third of the length of your fence post, plus another six inches for your gravel base.


  • Place Your Fence Posts in the Holes

After you have dug the holes for your fence posts, install each post securely into the ground. You will need to install all of the posts before you connect them with your vinyl sections.


  • Slope the Concrete for Your Vinyl Fence Posts

Next, you can use a trough to push or scrape away any excess concrete. This will keep water from sinking in and pooling around your posts. Make sure that your concrete dries completely.


  • Install the Vinyl Fence Sections Between Each of the Posts

Next, snap the vinyl fence sections into place between your posts. All you have to do is follow the ActiveYards directions that come with your new vinyl fence. Use the screws to attach the rails to the end of each section. After that, you can secure the fence rails to the posts that you have put into the ground.


  • Attaching the Post Tops With Hardware

When it comes to attaching the post tops to your pool fences, we recommend that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions from ActiveYards.


Why We Choose ActiveYards For Our DIY Vinyl Fences

We choose ActiveYards for our vinyl fences because of their high quality patented technology in engineering and all of their beautiful designs. They have created an amazing system that is also easy to install. By following their instructions and seeking the right guidance from our fence experts, you can install them in record time.


At JDH Decks and Fences in Savannah, Georgia we bring vinyl fencing to help local homeowners and businesses with expert tips and advice. Our vinyl fencing experts can even come out and help you measure and plan the project to make sure you have the right plan moving forward for your home.


Our experts will make sure to order the correct number of posts, panels, gates and more to make sure you get the fence of your dreams. Whether you want us to do all of the legwork for you or just measure, estimate and order all of the parts so that you can build your own vinyl fence, our local vinyl fence professionals can help you get the perfect fence of your dreams.


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