If you are looking for a budget-friendly fencing option, then chain link is for you! Chain link fencing is a durable and versatile option and has proven to be a popular choice for many homeowners and business owners, as well as commercial customers. You can expect a quality chain link fence to last for decades, making it a great investment. In this article, we will explore the basic information you need to know if you are considering a chain link fence by a Savannah Georgia Fence Company for your home or business.


Most Popular Options for Chain Link Fences in Georgia

Shown below are some of the most popular options to customize your chain link fence to meet your needs. Please be aware that there are some recent supply challenges, and there may be a delay in obtaining some options and colors.


Galvanized Chain Link Fence

This is the “traditional” or standard chain link fence that is commonly used on homes and businesses from a reputable Savannah Georgia fence company. Simple galvanized chain link can be the least expensive option of all fences (depending on the grade and specs of your specific situation). Galvanized chain link fences are rust-resistant and require minimal care. They are a terrific solution for many residential and commercial applications.


PVC and Polymer Coated Chain Link Fence

Both options provide a durable coating across the metal to give it an upgraded, decorative finish while also protecting from rust and weather damage common across Georgia. PVC can come in a few different colors, though be sure to check current availability with our fence team.


Slatted Chain Link Fences

These fences involve adding durable slat inserts into the link material, offering significant additional coverage and privacy for Savannah home and business owners. The slats used in chain link fences are manufactured from robust materials like PVC to withstand extra wind. If any of the slats becomes damaged, they can be changed out with a replacement.


Although the initial installation of the slats does increase the labor and specs of the fence, the upgrade in privacy and esthetic makes it a very attractive option. They also come in various colors and finishes, making them one of the more versatile options available. Slatted chain link fences also offer a much more visually appealing style for residential and commercial properties.


Learn More About Chain Link Fences for Savannah

Make sure to visit our chain link fence page on our website for more information and more photos of chain link fences we have installed in Savannah and the surrounding area, then give us a call to talk to our fence experts or reach out online anytime!