As one of Savannah Georgia’s leading fence companies, we install and replace a lot of fences. After years of helping homeowners and businesses select the best fence for their situation, we can’t help but notice there are certain financial benefits with making the right choice.


The Durability of Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is made of a hard, durable material that is flexible but does not break easily. If safety is a primary concern, vinyl will keep both you and your valuables safely surrounded by a strong border. Vinyl fences can withstand harsh weather and winds in your Savannah area, too. In the unlikely event that your vinyl fence does suffer damage, we recommend and install ActiveYards brand vinyl fencing because they come with a 25 year manufacturers warranty (not that you will probably ever need it!)


No Maintenance Needed on Vinyl Fencing

Because ActiveYards vinyl fencing is manufactured the way it is, it never needs painting or staining. It doesn’t rust or rot. Because of this, there is essentially no cost to own the fence for decades. If you compare the cost of paint and the time required to paint other types of fencing (wood fence, metal fencing), over time, vinyl fence might actually be the lowest priced fence in terms of total cost of ownership.


Can a Fence Protect You From Litigation?

They say it takes a village to raise a child. What they don’t talk about so much is how you can be held responsible for things that happen to a child on your property. Whether it’s your child or someone else’s, in cases such as unattended backyard equipment or pool accidents with young children, the owner of the health hazard in question can be held accountable.


Nowadays, people have a variety of uses for their yard. For some, it might be recreation, such as in the case of the pool. For some, it might be storage. Power tools or bladed instruments can be put to the side of the house, where you might think they are set safely aside from the public eye, but you don’t want to leave the possibility of injury to chance. Too many good people have been blamed for accidents or crimes simply because they lacked enough security measures. Keep your pool or power tools safe and secure from anyone outside of your yard with a proper fence.


Vinyl Fence Is a Great Choice for Georgia Residents

Beyond the money-saving value of choosing a vinyl fence, they look amazing! There are tons of options, colors, and styles of vinyl fences available from our company. Between vinyl posts, gates, and accessories we can make your home or business look amazing while providing protection and savings.


Give us a call to talk to a fence expert in Savannah Georgia for design tips and getting started on your fence today! With JDH Decks and Fencing – the possibilities are endless!