Aluminum fencing is one of the most popular materials our Savannah, Georgia customers love. An outstanding fencing option for both lawns and pools, our ActiveYards aluminum fences provide the perfect combination of protection, security, and privacy.


Our customers and neighbors in Savannah, Georgia love our aluminum fencing because it comes in a wide variety of different heights, colors, styles and grades to fit each specific need. It gives our customers the ability to personalize their aluminum fences and show off their own personal style.


Aluminum Fences are Ideal for Pools

Aluminum fences are great for enclosing lawns or protecting pool areas across Savannah, Georgia. When you and your family are swimming, you need a fence that provides safety and boundaries. You can customize the height and design of your aluminum pool fence while keeping open visibility through the space and making your pool area look great.


Aluminum Fences Come in a Variety of Designs and Options

Another reason that our customers love our Savannah, Georgia aluminum fences is the variety of options you can have in the design. We are proud to provide ActiveYards aluminum fences because they give our customers a wide variety of beautiful options for personalizing the look and design of their fence.


Aluminum Fences are Durable

Aluminum fencing in Georgia is durable and a very strong material for fencing. Our fences can hold up against the strong wind and weather conditions while taking almost no wear and tear or becoming damaged. This is important for the investment you are making to know your fence will protect you for many years.


Aluminum Fencing is Low-Maintenance

Customers love aluminum fencing because it is low-maintenance and high quality. There is no need to spend lots of time taking care of it. All you have to do to clean off your aluminum fence is spray it down with plain water. You can do this one a year or as often as once per season. Overall, dirt and debris have trouble sticking to aluminum fencing, which makes it easily look great year-round.


Aluminum Fences Provide Security

Aluminum fences provide security. Without a fence, anyone can walk right onto your yard, up to your house and snoop around. Putting up an aluminum fence will put space between you and your neighbors and create a very clear boundary 

about where you want people to stay out. Sometimes a simple fence is enough to deter a would-be trespasser or burglar giving them an extra barrier to have to cross without raising suspicions.


Aluminum Fences Add Value to Your Home

Aluminum fencing increases both the curb appeal and the value of your home. Whether you are thinking about staying in your home for the long-haul or want to sell it soon, aluminum fences are superb for adding both monetary and aesthetic value to your home.


Why We Choose ActiveYards Aluminum Fencing

We partner with ActiveYards for our aluminum fencing because they provide some of the highest-quality fencing materials on the market. Their fences not only look great but are incredibly durable and reliable and come with a fantastic warranty for your peace of mind. Using screwless fencing systems which are rackable to accomodate any terrain, ActiveYards aluminum fences are top-of-the-line!


Our Georgia Fence Team is Here for You!

If you want to be sure that your new aluminum fence is installed correctly, give us a call! We offer a variety of residential and commercial fencing services, as well as deck services, always striving for the highest level of customer satisfaction through our quality products and installation services. Give us a call at (912) 748-1907 or contact us to request a free estimate today.